Oiled or varnished wood flooring?

A hardwood floor often makes the difference between a house and a home. But how to keep it that way? Oil or varnish? Whatever you pick, Quick-Step guides you through the options.

Natural oil

Quick-Step Natural oiled wood flooring

Oil saturates the hardwood: it penetrates your floor’s pores, protecting it from the inside. As a result, the wood gets a natural look. The wood of your Quick-Step floor is treated with two layers of modified oil, making it grow older beautifully, while maintaining the extra matte and authentic touch.

By choosing oil, a natural product, you go the green way. It also allows you to easily fix scratches or dents. Moreover, an oiled floor is easy to maintain. There’s one downside, though: dirt and stains might work their way into the wood. The solution? Give your hardwood the maintenance it deserves!

Varnish: first line of defence

Quick-Step Varnished wood flooring

A layer of varnish on the surface of your hardwood floor will close the wood’s pores. If you choose matt varnish, your floor will obtain a soft look, just like oiled wood.

Quick-Step’s varnished wood flooring is treated with no less than seven layers of UV-cured, water-based polish. Thanks to this maximum protection against wear, scratches and stains, keeping your floor in shape is a piece of cake. Spotted a scratch nonetheless? Ask a professional to get the job done.

Made up your mind about your favourite hardwood? A professional installer near you will gladly help you out.