Your child’s bedroom as a private oasis

Your children’s bedroom is their own private space at home. Naturally, you want this space to be as cosy and homey as can be. Do you have a daughter who dreams of her own princess bedroom with pink walls and glitter? Or a son who is adamant about a race car theme for his room? Or do you want to break away from traditional clichés? Check out these dos and don’ts, and transform your child’s bedroom into a kid’s paradise.

Quick-Step floors for a child's bedroom

Tips for any children’s bedroom

Here’s our number one tip: make sure your child’s bedroom will stand the test of time. Avoid wallpaper and use paint instead. Preferably a washable paint for an easy clean-up when your son or daughter decides to fill blank walls with crayon art.

Choosing the right furniture is also crucial. The bedroom will be used for sleeping, homework and playtime alike, so flexibility is key. Castor wheels are perfect for moving furniture around and instantly creating a play area. Equally important: a solid bedframe. Even though jumping on the bed is not allowed, chances are it will happen! Also pick a bedroom floor that can resist heavy wear and tear. Choose laminate or vinyl flooring to avoid permanent reminders — however nostalgic they may be — of exhilarating toy car races and sticky craft projects.

A boy’s bedroom that outlasts childhood

Your son may be easily captivated by superhero movies. But redecorating the entire bedroom to keep up with his every whim is simply not on. Make sure that the basic décor of the room outlasts the childhood years: all that’s left to do is swap accessories with each new superhero phase!

Girls’ bedrooms: think outside the pink

Don’t be lured by the pink and glitter of your little girl’s dream bedroom. She is more than likely to outgrow this phase in a few years’ time. Does this mean that bright colours are a no-no? Certainly not! As with all children’s bedrooms, a makeover can be easily achieved by using accessories in different themes and colours.

Select flooring with a timeless appearance. Use our Floor Advisor to help you decide!