Looking for cork flooring? Here’s why vinyl deserves your attention as well

Cork floors are renowned for their warm, cushiony feel. But did you know that vinyl flooring offers the same soft appeal as cork and a range of practical benefits? Four scenarios where vinyl is worth considering.

Quick-Step cork floors

1 – Will you be installing your floor in a busy room?

Not every floor can handle busy family life. As sharp objects — like high heels — can puncture the floor surface, it’s good to look for a flooring solution that can handle rooms with lots of foot traffic. Vinyl floors have a protective coating that shields them from such wear and tear, yet offering a soft surface your feet just love to walk on.

2 – Do you have heavy furniture?

Do you have heavy pieces of furniture? Then you’ll need a floor that can handle the pressure. Vinyl flooring, though as soft as cork, offers a durable, dent-resistant alternative thanks to its protective finishing layers.

3 – Will the floor get wet?

If you need to installing your floor in a wet environment — like a bathroom or basement — then a water-resistant and easy-to-clean flooring type like vinyl saves the day. It makes sure your floor lasts for years to come. At the same time, it keeps your feet as warm as cork flooring would do.

4 – Do you have children or pets?

Combining softness with excellent scratch- and stain-resistant features? It’s possible! Vinyl offers your family a soft, safe surface to live and play on, while its protective finishing layers keep your floor free from scratches, cuts and marks.

Ready for an aesthetically pleasing, comfy and practical cork alternative? Check out Quick-Step’s Livyn luxury vinyl collection or use the Quick-Step Floor Advisor to see vinyl at work in your own interior.