What floor would be perfect for your rental?

What floor would be perfect for your rental

How do you pick the right floor for a house or a flat that you’ll rent out? What considerations should you take into account, and what are the do’s and don’ts? We’ve weighed out all the options for you.

A resilient floor

Any floor in a rental has to be first and foremost robust. That way you can be sure it will endure moving days and housewarming parties. Make sure to choose a floor that’s scratch resistant and that will last you a long time. Preferably one that’s easy to maintain, too. A durable floor, that’s not too expensive.

A timeless look

Even if you simply adore floors with a renovated reclaimed or weathered look, this might not suit a rental. Not everyone’s a fan, and it doesn’t go with every interior. A floor that contrasts with their furniture can dissuade tenants. Therefore, it’s better to pick a type of floor that is an all-time favourite, like oak wood for example.

The solution? Laminate!

Quick-Step, for instance, has a broad range of laminate floors, in which you’ll definitely find a floor to your liking. That way you can be sure the floors in your rental are solid, scratch resistant and easy to maintain. Both you and your tenants will just love them!

Has laminate won you over? Time to start looking for a dealer near you, then!