Using a white floor to add personality to a room

It’s no surprise that white flooring is becoming increasingly popular. Not only do they make a room look more spacious and bright, they’re also the ideal breeding ground for quirky design experiments. Discover how to make a white floor work in your interior.

Using a white floor to add personality to a room

From modern minimalist to cosy coastal

White floors can handle any style, ranging from modern to traditional. Do you like to keep things minimalist simple? Choose a white floor with a glossy finish and add some eye-catching artwork or pieces of furniture to your room. Prefer a tranquil beach-like look? Then whitewashed wood is perfect for you!

But no matter the style, be sure to apply some colourful accents. That way, you’ll avoid a clinical look. Blue and green, for instance, will add a peaceful, yet vibrant touch.

Maple wood: designers’ crème de la crème

Looking for something that little bit extra? Then take a look at maple wood. It’s known for its strength and durability, but also remains a firm favourite among professional decorators. Its creamy effect adds softness to any interior. Moreover, when combined with other light tints, maple can really open up a room. Quick-Step’s maple laminate flooring, for instance, creates an airy ambiance, allowing other interior elements to take centre stage.

What about cleaning?

On a practical note: consider your cleaning commitment carefully before choosing your white floor. A textured floor finish, for instance, hides dirt, mud and dust to a certain extent. Don’t want to sweep it too often? Then avoid a glossy finish to your white floor.