The Festive Flooring Survival Guide for Christmas trees: How to avoid a ‘Bah Humbug’ for your floor

Bring in the Christmas tree, what’s the worst that could happen? Let’s find out! What if...


How to save your floor from a christmas tree disaster?

1 — You overestimate your own strength

A Christmas tree weighs about 15 to 20 kg. That’s one big accessory for you and your floor to handle. Don’t be too macho and share the load with family or friends. It sure beats dragging the tree into your house and scratching your floor along the way!

2 — You think your Christmas tree is General Sherman

‘Make it big’, they said. ‘It’ll be fun’, they said. Not if you put your Christmas tree on the heaviest stand you can find. Don’t pick one that could hold General Sherman — the world’s biggest tree ever — and your floor will handle the pressure just fine.

3 — You mistake your tree stand for a swimming pool

To keep your Christmas tree pretty and green, you’ll need to water it regularly. Are you the kind of person who doesn’t know when to stop? Then here’s a tip: imagine excessive water overflows seeping into the underlay. That’ll make you put the watering can away straightaway...

4 — You trust your pets too much

Nothing sends a pack of dogs into raptures like a tree, if you know what we mean. Don’t be too trustworthy, or they’ll leave a little present neither you nor your floor will enjoy! 
But the most important thing about Christmas? That would be the cheerful ambience everybody loves. Make your tree the centrepiece of the room and decorate it to match your interior style and floor. Happy holidays!