The effect of floor textures on your home interior

The appearance of your floor doesn’t only depend on the flooring type you choose. Texture and finishing are equally important. Here’s an overview of popular flooring textures and their effect on your home interior.

More than meets the eye

Quick-Step silverfrost

Do you like modern interiors? Then opting for a matt surface will create that contemporary look you prefer. Brushed surfaces, on the other hand, look like they have aged and go well with rustic interiors. Looking for the best of both worlds? Silverfrost surfaces create an interplay between matt and glossy accents, giving your floor an exclusive appearance.

Feel the groove

Quick-Step grooves

To groove or not to groove? It’s an important decision with a particular effect on your home interior. Quick-Step’s laminate floors are available with and without grooves. If you opt for V-grooves, they’ll make your room look deeper. If not, your interior will look sleeker and more streamlined. Check out this overview of different kinds of bevels for more inspiration.

Finish in style

Quick-Step sawcuts

Choosing the right texture adds a striking touch to your floor. Hand-scraped textures, for instance, replicate the authentic look of hand-made flooring. Do you have a rustic interior? Then give your floor a time-worn appeal with a saw-cut design. But whatever floor texture you choose, don’t forget the bigger picture: the Quick-Step Floor Advisor helps you to see how texture effects work out in your own interior.