How to saw or cut your Quick-Step floor

Quick-Step combines durability, aesthetics and easy installation in top quality flooring solutions. You can easily saw or cut the floor boards yourself, as long as you stick to a few basic principles.

Laminate or hardwood floors

To saw Quick-Step’s laminate or hardwood planks, you need a fine-tooth hand saw, a fine-tooth electric circular saw or a jigsaw. When using either of the first two, be sure to place the planks with the decorative side facing upwards. Using a jigsaw, by contrast, you should place the planks with the decorative side facing downwards to achieve a clean cut. When using blades with reversed teeth, the planks are placed decorative side up.


A quality utility knife and a straightedge are all you need to trim Quick-Step’s Livyn luxury vinyl planks. Use the knife to score the top surface of the vinyl plank and flex it downward to break the pieces apart. With vinyl as well as laminate or hardwood, the cut does not have to be perfect, as it is usually covered by profiles or skirting boards.

Skirting boards

To saw skirting boards, use a hand saw or an electric circular saw. Skirting boards should always be clamped down tight for a seamless cut. When using a hand saw, place the boards upright in a mitre box, the same way you would place them against a wall. When using an electric circular saw, clamp the skirting boards down flat on the saw table, with the design side facing upwards.