How to keep your floor shiny and clean

Would you like your floor to look brand new for years to come? Quick-Step happily shares its expertise on floor maintenance.

How to keep you floor shiny and clean

A first time for everything

Once installed, a Quick-Step hardwood floor is immediately ready for use. However, if you want to clean it first, don’t use any protective products. Just remove all dust and loose dirt with a soft broom and a dust pan. If you wish to use a moist mop, be sure to follow these instructions for more intensive cleaning.

Dry or damp

You can choose to clean Quick-Step’s laminate, luxury vinyl and hardwood floors either dry or damp*. Make sure your mop is not soaking wet. Slightly moist will do the trick. Not intensive enough for you? Add some Quick-Step cleaning product to your bucket to remove greasy build-ups.

A cleaning kit with all you need

If you want to clean your floor like a pro, then the Quick-Step Cleaning Kit is just the right solution for you. Practical and user-friendly, the Cleaning Kit comes with a mop holder, a microfibre mop and a bottle of Quick-Step cleaning product. This will ensure you have everything you need within reach to make your floor look shiny and new at any time.

*If your floor has bevelled edges or V-grooves, always vacuum it first. If you decide to use a damp mop afterwards, always finish cleaning with a microfibre cloth.