Easy interior design ideas for a cosy autumn and winter

Our mood changes automatically with the passing seasons. While, in the spring and summer, we like to surround ourselves with bright and fresh colours, in the autumn and winter months we mainly seek warmth and cosiness. Does this mean that your entire interior and all furniture must be revamped? Not necessarily: with the following minor changes, your decor will perfectly match the season in a few easy steps.

A welcome change

A new throw, another rug, or wool cushions are enough to create an instant autumn or winter feeling. Some people go a little further and replace their seat covers, curtains or lamps. New figurines, picture frames or paintings can introduce variety as well. Actually, if you put away your summer decorations, they will look even nicer when you retrieve them next year!

Autumn colours

Blistering hot summer days already seem a distant memory, and yet autumn days are still quite pleasantly warm. Give your home some colour with dark orange and burgundy hues. Place fluffy blankets on the furniture to wrap yourself in when the evenings get colder. Everywhere in autumn, you will also find attractive decorations, table linen and napkins in earth tones or with a suitable autumn motif. Fill up a glass vase with hazelnuts and place a large candle in it.

Winter shades

Turn your home into a cosy sanctuary away from chilly winter days. Play with fabric, swatch books and magazines and place small lights in dark corners. By combining dark brown and black tones, you create a real nest with mood lighting. Gather pine cones and place them around a bowl containing pine needles and candles. If you have a stove, you can fill a wicker basket with logs.

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