Daringly dark: the beauty of dark wood floors

Stylish. Dramatic. Authentic. Mysterious. Dark wood floors make a great impression, but few people have the courage to choose one for their room. Won’t it be too dark, too gloomy? Not necessarily. Here’s how a dark wood floor can actually brighten your home.

The beauty of dark wood floors

Combine with light walls

It’s true: too many dark colours will produce a dull effect at the expense of the overall ambiance. Neutral tones in whites, greys, beige, and muted shades of all kinds on your walls will help balance the room and therefore make your room feel bigger and brighter.

Break up the monotony

When installing a dark floor, it’s all about creating contrast. Add a lighter or colourful area rug, put a white sofa in your living room, fit white cabinets in your kitchen or go for pale wood furnishing. A dark wood floor will make these kinds of furniture pop into the foreground.

Don’t forget the accessories

Use colourful, striking accessories to complement your dark floor. Pillows with different shades and interesting textures, for instance, or square rugs with beautiful colours are the ideal eye-catchers that will produce a luxurious touch and feel to show off a black floor.

Make it fit your way of living

Do you have pets or children? Or do you want to install a dark floor in a high traffic area, like kitchens and living rooms? Avoid dark floors with shiny finishes, so dust doesn’t show up too quickly. For instance, hardwood floors with a satin finish are less likely to show scratches.

Want to find out whether dark wood floors are perfect for your home interior? Make sure to check out the Quick-Step Floor Advisor.