Choosing the ideal nursery flooring

So you have a new baby on the way? Congratulations! You probably thought of a name already. You’ve started stocking up on nappies, wipes and baby clothing. But how is the new nursery coming along? Choosing the ideal flooring for your nursery is tougher than you might think. Here are a few handy tips to help you pick the right flooring.

Choosing the ideal nursery flooring

Clean-up on aisle four

Nappies, milk, baby food… all can leave nasty stains. So can the paint and crayon artwork of toddlers. If you’re looking for the ideal floor covering for your nursery, be sure to pick a surface that’s easy to clean and waterproof. A sealed surface and protective coating are essential to create durable, baby-proof flooring.

Silence is golden

You might not think of it at first, but reducing step noise can make a big difference. Choosing a silent floor, in combination with a solid underlay, can prevent your child from waking up every time you walk into the room ... or try to leave it.

A warm home

You want your floor to feel cosy and warm. The surface has to be inviting to crawl or walk barefoot upon. Take the time to consider floor heating and adjust your choice of flooring if needed. Think about the warmth absorption and thermal conductivity of the materials you choose.

Kids-proof Quick-Step flooring types

Both the Quick-Step Laminate and Livyn vinyl flooring combine the above qualities in a wide choice of floor finishes. Whether you’re looking for a trendy design or a vintage look, you’ll find the right floor to fit any nursery. Visit the Laminate and Livyn sections of our website to discover the ideal surface for your little one.