Are you ready for spring cleaning?

With the cold and dreary winter days well behind us, time has come for a fresh start. Get your brooms and mops: it’s time for a thorough spring cleaning!

Spring cleaning

Spring cleaning through the ages

Lots of cultures have their own traditional take on spring cleaning. In ancient Persian culture, for instance, New Year’s Day or Nowruz was celebrated on the first day of Spring by the practice of Khouneh Tekoun. This literally means ‘shaking down the house’, a tradition still followed in present-day Iran.

In continental Europe, the custom largely arose from the region’s wet climate. Right up until the 19th century, homes were heated with coal and wood, and lighted with candles. Early March was the ideal time to open up all windows and doors and make short work of fumes and dust.

A lasting tradition

Nowadays, our homes are electrically lit and centrally heated, while vacuum cleaners keep the dust out. But still, springtime for many people is the ideal moment to make a fresh start. For most, it is the best period in the year to move all the furniture aside, give the floor a thorough scrub and bring those curtains to the dry cleaners.

The right tools for the job

Are you planning your very own spring cleaning? If so, be sure to go in well prepared. Work your way from the top-floor down, don’t forget to check at the back of each closet, and make sure you have the right tools for the job. The maintenance and repair kits by Quick-Step, for instance, will certainly make cleaning your floor a whole lot easier.