Sweet dreams in style: A new floor for your bedroom

Your bedroom is the room you will spend the most time in your whole life. So, it goes without saying that it should be comfortable and pleasant. Choosing the right flooring can be quite a challenge, however…

A new floor for your bedroom

A laminate love nest

Quick-Step’s laminate floors offer a wide choice of designs to match any bedroom style: planks or tiles, modern or traditional, you name it! What’s more, the hard core boards in combination with a Quick-Step underlay guarantee a solid, pleasant sound when walked upon. So, no need for tiptoeing after a late night out…

Slumber timber

An affordable alternative for solid wood, engineered wood floors are among the all-time favourites in bedroom flooring. They go well with all types of styles. The natural wood look simply exudes the peace and tranquillity generally sought in a sleeping environment. And thanks to the lifetime warranty on all Quick-Step engineered wood floors, you’ll enjoy them for years and years to come.

Livyn the dream

Vinyl flooring is becoming more and more popular in bedroom settings. Quick-Step’s Livyn is a collection of comfortable quality floors that combine the natural look of wood with the practical benefits of vinyl. Because they feel warm and soft, they are a treat for bare feet, and they reduce step noise. As vinyl is an excellent thermal conductor, it’s the ideal choice for usage in combination with underfloor heating or cooling.