A map of floor styles: which type are you?

There’s no accounting for taste. And we’ve all got our own style when it comes to interior design. Find out which floor style is the best match to yours.

Nordic: bold choices

Nordic: Bold choices

Do you like an unconventional colour palette of black, dark grey and reddish brown? Do you marvel at the sight of deep grooves and bevels? Do you prefer a matt finish, because it gives your floor a contemporary look and feel? Congrats: you’re the Nordic type. You’ve got a taste for floors that unabashedly flaunt their design, daring colours and quirky patterns.

Eastern: simplicity in all its beauty

Eastern: Simplicity in all its beauty

If you enjoy the streamlined beauty of ‘less is more’, then, kudos to you, you’re the Eastern type. Smooth floors and bright colours make your mouth water. And you like your grooves as seamless as possible. Large knots and cracks, however, are not your cup of tea.

Natural British flair

Natural British flair

Cold hands, warm heart? A stiff upper lip? Nothing of the sort! When it comes to floors, the British style favours cosy, welcoming and vivid colours and wood types. Recognize yourself in this style? Then you love to go completely ‘oak’! You also enjoy the reclaimed look of large, dark filled knots and cracks, as well as (subtle) colour variations.

Mediterranean: celebrating differences

Mediterranean: celebrating differences

If ‘variety is the spice of life’ is what you always say, there’s no doubt about it: you’re the Mediterranean type. You like to fill your home with different kinds of floor colours in every room: from elegant grey to passionate red. The same goes for your choice of wood type. Whether you go for classic oak or exotic merbau: you’ll make it all fit together.

Tip: you can use Quick-Step’s Floor Finder to pick the floor that works best for you and your interior.