Alpha Vinyl: kitchen flooring for the post-pandemic home

We’ve never spent more time at home than in the last year and a half. As a result, our kitchens became real ‘living rooms’, and the term live-in kitchen quickly caught on. But such a busy, multifunctional place requires us to rethink flooring as well. Alpha Vinyl, our ultra-strong, water-resistant, and hard-wearing floor, is the kitchen vinyl flooring option that can take it all.

In our grandparents’ time, the kitchen was simply a small, functional room – along with the separate dining room and more formal ‘sitting room’ for guests. Today, we like a more open-plan approach. Which is why most kitchens now flow seamlessly into the rest of the living space.

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Meeting and eating

During the Covid crisis, our kitchens became – quite literally – our new living rooms. The kitchen table wasn’t just a place to eat, but also functioned as a desk in the daytime – or even a (virtual) meeting room. And in the evening, the kitchen island became the place to be, to gather and talk about our day. Even now that the pandemic is (hopefully) ending, the kitchen remains the beating heart of our home.

The bold and the balanced

This evolution of the ‘kitchen as a living space’ also explains why general interior trends, like organic shapes, bold colours and the use of natural materials such as wood and stone, found their way to our kitchens as well. Black accents, soft pastel shades like dusty pink, mint green, and pale blue break up the classic white hues. Daring combinations with rust red, coral and copper are possible as well – provided they remain in harmony with the rest of the interior.

To strengthen this sense of harmony, many people opt for a single floor that flows into the kitchen. Don’t forget to keep functionality in mind, however: maybe you’re a big fan of hardwood floors or tiles, but for your kitchen you’ll need a floor that’s strong, easy to maintain, and water-resistant.


How to choose the perfect kitchen floor

Let Alpha Vinyl dominate your kitchen


Do you want to combine the authentic look and feel of genuine wood or floor tiles with the practical advantages of easy-to-use, high-performance material like vinyl? Good news: our Alpha Vinyl does exactly that. Apart from looking exactly like natural stone or wood, this Quick-Step floor boasts a protective layer that prevents marks and scratches. The strong core at the centre of the planks ensures these floors can take a bump too.

As far as ease-of-use goes, there’s no beating Alpha Vinyl either. The combination of an advanced watertight click system and water-resistant technology ensures 100% watertightness. Which means you don’t have to stress when water is spilled or kitchen parties get out of hand, since everything is super easy to clean as well. After all, if we’re going to live in our kitchen, we might as well introduce some carefree enjoyment.


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