Take a look inside world champion Julian Alaphilippe's ‘pain cave’

As a proud sponsor of the Deceuninck-Quick-Step cycling team, we aim to help its riders improve in any possible way. That’s why we installed personalised home gyms in the houses of team members such as Pieter Serry  and Julian Alaphilippe. Discover what the latter’s exclusive pain cave looks like.

Feel good, train better

We all perform better in an environment we feel good in. For cyclists, a well-equipped and beautifully designed home gym is indispensable to making the prospect of a workout more attractive. That’s where our pain caves come in. As an experienced interior brand, we decided to help the Deceuninck-Quick-Step riders by turning their pain caves into stylish environments with all the necessary tools for optimal indoor training. World champion Julian Alaphilippe was one of the riders to see his pain cave revamped.

Julian Alaphilippe: “During the season, I’m often on the road for races all over the world. But in winter, I work out at home three to four times a week in order to physically prepare for the upcoming season. That’s where a fully designed, comfortable pain cave comes in handy. I’d already had a small fitness room in my house, but I always dreamed of a pain cave where I truly feel at ease to perform at my very best. I was really impressed when I entered my pain cave for the first time. I immediately felt at home.”

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Bold colour palette

The blue tones in Alaphilippe’s pain cave immediately catch the eye. And they’re there for a reason: blue stimulates optimism and happiness, but also creates a relaxing feeling, which is important when you have an intense training session on your schedule. Blue stands for integrity, power and health – values that all symbolise the French cyclist.

Alaphilippe is a big fan of vibrant autumn hues. Natural materials – hence the Alpha Vinyl floor – and dark colours – think earth tones, chocolate brown – even give the cool blue tones a warm appearance. This combination matches Alaphilippe’s energy and explosive style very well. Colourful gold and marble accents add a playful, luxurious touch to the room.

This remarkable colour palette gives the pain cave both a bold and cosy look and feel. Exactly how you would describe Julian Alaphilippe’s personality – and an environment that reflects who you are inspires even better performance.

Alpha Vinyl: strong, authentic and sweat resistant

The French superstar chose Alpha Vinyl Medium Planks as his flooring solution: “Since I often use weights and other equipment during my training sessions, I needed a strong, scratch-proof and impact-resistant floor. Alpha Vinyl is water-resistant too, so I don’t have to worry about working up a sweat.

“The warm, natural look and feel of the floor helps me relax after an intense exercise or training session. Thanks to the floor’s realistic structure, combined with the Autumn Oak Honey design, every training session feels like an outdoor ride in the woods.”

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