How to create your perfect home gym using Alpha Vinyl

Having a dedicated room to exercise at home was already becoming popular, and the pandemic has turned it into a firm trend. With the long-term closure of gyms and yoga studios, people are looking for an alternative in their own homes.

With their sometimes rudimentary equipment, make-shift pain caves are being swapped for well-equipped rooms that are more than just a place to work up a sweat. Lounge chairs, atmospheric lighting, plants and even fireplaces are popping up alongside smart fitness machines and yoga mats. It goes without saying that a multifunctional sports room can’t make-do with just any kind of floor. It needs a soft floor that can also take knocks, like Alpha Vinyl from Quick-Step.

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Between pushing yourself to the limit and cosiness

Home gyms are often multifunctional rooms, not solely for vigorous Zwift sessions or zen moments, but also providing space to relax and unwind. So the design of the room is just as important as pushing yourself to the limit. Think about using tactile, natural materials and soft shades of colour to radiate calm and harmony. The presence of plants also has a positive effect, bringing home the healing power of nature.

Soft and yet firm flooring

Obviously a multifunctional sports room needs a soft floor that can also take knocks, like Alpha Vinyl from Quick-Step. A protective top layer and strong core protect the floor against scratches and the impact of heavy objects such as weights. The surface feels warm and soft and so is perfect for exercising upon, while the sound-absorbing qualities of vinyl promote a sense of calm. Finally, the durability of Alpha Vinyl goes hand-in-hand with the natural look and feel of wood or brick, tying in perfectly with the new wellness design philosophy.


Pain caves for the cycling team

As sponsor of the Deceuninck-Quick Step Pro Cycling Team, Quick-Step Floors aims to raise this trend to a new level. By setting up pain caves at the homes of the team’s professional cyclists, the Belgian floor expert aims to encourage expert sportsmen and women to push the boundaries of training within their home. With the development of Alpha Vinyl, an ultra-strong floor with a soft touch and a natural look, the private gym is within everyone's reach.

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