How a blue living room can also be warm

The colour blue has always been associated with calm, comfort, and even spiritual enlightenment. It’s also the coolest shade on the colour wheel. Combined with warm, natural finishes, however, blue can help you turn your house into a warm nest. Our Quick-Step laminate, vinyl and parquet collections form the perfect match.

Whether it’s an azure hue that takes you to exotic beaches, or a mysterious indigo that evokes a deep sense of spirituality, blue comes in many shades, each of which invokes a different feeling. No wonder, then, that the design and interior world have embraced blue wholeheartedly. Sky blue and petrol blue, for example, can be found in bathrooms and bedrooms around the world because of their calming effect. And how about using blue in your home gym?




Living the blues

Now, blue is finding its way into our living spaces as well. Although it’s considered a ‘cold’ colour, it comes in a wide range of varieties. Depending on the combination of colours and materials in the room, blue can have a warmer or cooler undertone. Your choice of flooring, for example, will have a big impact on the effect of the shade you’ve chosen. Our laminate, parquet and vinyl collections include plenty of wood looks that can reinforce the feel you’re after.

Here are some tips for using shades of blue in your living room:

  • Want a cosier living room? Combine deep blue walls with warm wood.

  • Need comfort and security? Play around with accessories in warm, earthy tones, like chestnut red, chocolate brown and ochre yellow. Or combine with natural materials like rattan and earthenware.
  • Want to be subtle about the blue? Instead of painting your walls blue, choose an eye-catching blue sofa or decorative elements, like handmade ceramics in Delft blue or intense turquoise.

  • Love Scandinavian design? Combine pastel blue with light wood. Pale shades of blue help soften the greyish tone of a floor, while tiling or smooth concrete vinyl can intensify the effect of cool blue tones. If you want an even cooler urban vibe, you can also combine this look with accents in steel and black metal.

In other words: there’s a shade of blue for every personality. Just like there’s a Quick-Step floor for every taste.

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