Make your home office work

Working from home? Turning your working space into an home office will boost your productivity. With these tips you’ll have an inspiring home office in no time.

How to create an inspiring home office

For many of us, working from home has become the new standard. While it is tempting to use your regular living space to work, it is much better to separate your work space. Transforming your working space to a home office offers real advantages for your productivity and work-life balance. With practical and beautiful flooring you’ll keep your workspace clean, quiet and enjoyable.

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Transforming your working space to a home office offers real advantages for your productivity.

The benefits of a home office

Dividing your living from working space is beneficial for your focus and productivity. It has the added advantage of not blurring your work-life balance. Even if you don’t have enough space for a dedicated home office, there are plenty of opportunities to create and upgrade your working space.

3 tips for an efficient working space

How to create an inspiring home office 

Buy an ergonomic chair.

Sitting on a normal chair all day can be straining. Investing in an ergonomic chair will not only improve your focus but prevent back and neck pain.

Keep your working space clean and create space in your head.

There’s plenty of options for budget friendly shelves and storage systems. Preventing chaos on your desk will boost your productivity and bring peace of mind.

Choose a practical floor that’s easy on the eyes and ears.

With a laminate or vinyl floor, you won’t have to worry about spilling a cup of coffee, maintaining and cleaning is child’s play. Choose a vinyl floor with sound absorption to create a quiet and peaceful environment that will help you focus.

Why a wooden floor is an added value for your home office

Afraid your floor will show signs of wear from that ergonomic chair you’ve bought? Our laminate and vinyl floors will stay in tip top shape. They are easy to clean and water-resistant, so keeping a clean and hygienic working space is effortless. Avoiding distractions is essential for your focus. Our vinyl floors not only create a visually pleasing space, they absorb sounds so you’ll have a quiet, peaceful environment.

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Natural Impressive Laminate Classic oak natural IM1848
Classic oak natural
Laminate - Impressive IM1848
30.29 £/m²
Natural Impressive Laminate Soft oak natural IM1855
Soft oak natural
Laminate - Impressive IM1855
30.29 £/m²
Light grey Impressive Laminate Saw cut oak grey IM1858
Saw cut oak grey
Laminate - Impressive IM1858
30.29 £/m²
Beige Impressive Laminate Soft oak light IM1854
Soft oak light
Laminate - Impressive IM1854
30.29 £/m²
Natural Majestic Laminate Desert Oak Warm Natural MJ3551
Desert Oak Warm Natural
Laminate - Majestic MJ3551
47.49 £/m²
Beige Impressive Laminate Soft oak medium IM1856
Soft oak medium
Laminate - Impressive IM1856
30.29 £/m²
Dark grey Impressive Laminate Soft oak grey IM3558
Soft oak grey
Laminate - Impressive IM3558
30.29 £/m²
Light grey Impressive Laminate Patina Classic oak grey IM3560
Patina Classic oak grey
Laminate - Impressive IM3560
30.29 £/m²
Natural Impressive Ultra Laminate Classic oak natural IMU1848
Classic oak natural
Laminate - Impressive Ultra IMU1848
42.99 £/m²
Beige Impressive Laminate Classic oak beige IM1847
Classic oak beige
Laminate - Impressive IM1847
30.29 £/m²
Beige Impressive Laminate Sandblasted oak natural IM1853
Sandblasted oak natural
Laminate - Impressive IM1853
30.29 £/m²
Natural Majestic Laminate Woodland Oak Natural MJ3546
Woodland Oak Natural
Laminate - Majestic MJ3546
47.49 £/m²