Bring nature Indoors

Feeling the natural interior trend? We can’t blame you. With these interior tips, you’ll achieve the look and reap the benefits in no time.

A natural interior with the beauty of wooden floors

If you have a keen eye for interior trends – and we’re guessing you do – you’ve surely noticed the major resurgence of the nature trend. From an abundance of plants to natural materials and warm colour palettes: bringing nature indoors not only looks fantastic, it also introduces calm and soothing harmony into your home. With our floors, we combine the warmth and authenticity of wood with the comfort of easy maintenance.

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Bringing nature indoors not only looks fantastic, it introduces the calm and soothing harmony of nature into your home.

Here’s why we’re bringing nature indoors

Here's why we're bringing nature indoors

Sustainable products, plenty of sunlight, the therapeutic effect of plants, natural ventilation … The key elements of a natural interior have a great effect on our physical and mental wellbeing. The natural interior trend – also known as the biophilic interior trend – is more than an aesthetically pleasing interior choice. For many, it’s a lifestyle. One that fits into our longing for tranquillity, sustainability and a healthy lifestyle. In these hectic times, it’s no surprise that we’ve turned to nature for find harmony and peace at home. Bringing nature indoors does just that.

How to achieve a true biophilic interior

House plants are a defining feature in every biophilic interior. Use restrained earth tones and greens in the colour palette to bring natural warmth into your home. And of course, natural materials like linen, wool and especially wood are essential to creating a natural look.

How to achieve a true biophilic interior

Wooden floors: essential in a natural interior…

Wooden floors: essential in a natural interior

When it comes to your floor, a wooden look is the way to go. If you want the real thing, Quick-Step wood flooring is the perfect choice. And with the Wood for Life technology, you’ll enjoy authentic beauty for a lifetime. This innovative protective layer prevents dirt from getting into the wood and helps to preserve its as-new look for years.

Looking for a more affordable alternative? Our laminate and vinyl floors combine the true beauty of wood with durability and ease of maintenance.

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