Quick-Step “Rigid” vinyl floors put to the test

Quick-Step has recently launched “Rigid Vinyl”, a collection of elegant and strong vinyl floors. To test just how strong, we decided to head to the Tour de France. Shortly before the start of the all-important team time trial, we let the riders warm up on a “Rigid” vinyl floor. An elegant floor versus brute force.

Ultra-strong and scratch-resistant

Cycling shoes, dropped drinks bottles, caregivers and mechanics going back and forth, riders giving it their all – and at the end – a floor that looked as elegant and natural as it did at the beginning. Rigid vinyl floors offer superior protection against scratches and marks and thanks to their ultra-strong core, are extremely resistant to impacts.

Easy to clean

There’s more – Rigid vinyl floors have a water-repellent layer that makes them extremely easy to clean and so ideal for use in bathrooms, kitchens, etc. Quite simply, “Rigid Vinyl” has been tested and approved for every situation.

Everything there is to know about Rigid Vinyl

Watch the video

Discover how Deceunick-Quick-Step riders went to great lengths to put “Rigid Vinyl” to the test at the Tour de France:

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