Zdenek Stybar’s favourite floor


We asked Quick-Step Floors rider Zdenek Stybar to use our FloorExplorer in finding the ideal floor for his dream interior. The result? An oiled hardwood floor from the unique Variano collection!

Zdenek is undoubtedly one of the most versatile riders in the peloton. As a multiple former world cyclocross champion who didn’t switch to road racing until somewhat later in his career, he truly is a cycling jack-of-all-trades. The unpaved roads of the Strade Bianche, the hills of the Flemish Classics or the cobblestones of Paris-Roubaix, … Stybar is a contender on any surface and combines power and  flexibility with maturity and tactical prowess.  

Therefore, it’s not much of a surprise that Zdenek should prefer an eclectic style of interior decoration. He doesn’t like to be pinned down to a single look, opting instead for a daring but nicely balanced combination of various styles and elements.


Contrast and balance

The eclectic style has a very specific character but also requires a certain sense of balance and refinement. Nothing in an eclectic interior is stale or non-committal and all combinations are well-considered and deliberate. Intense or highly contrasting colours are often used but the overall colour palette should always fit its surroundings. Vintage furniture is combined with modern art, and antiques and design go hand in hand. 


Texture and depth are essential to any eclectic interior. As the basis of any interior, the floor is of key importance in this regard. A floor with an authentic appeal is ideal: weathered edges, cracks and knots, saw cuts and colour variations all contribute to the floor’s unique character. Put it all together and it makes perfect sense for the FloorExplorer to point Stybar towards the Variano Royal Grey Oak Oiled hardwood floor.

The Variano hardwood collection is a unique creation by Quick-Step. Every Variano board consists of several smaller wooden planks of varying length, width and finish: coarse or smooth, with large and small knots, some slightly straighter than others, with a perfectly even surface or bearing a saw cut...

The small planks are selected with care and assembled by hand like pieces of a puzzle. This creates a unique and striking floor with a look of recovered wood. Perfect for an interior with a highly individual character and perfect for a rider with a highly individual character.