“We have enjoyed our new floor every single day”

Laura Tirkkonen is the owner of homevialaura.com, one of Finland’s most popular lifestyle blogs. She and her young family recently moved to an apartment in Helsinki. Laura consciously chose Quick-Step laminate flooring when furnishing her new home. “I was looking for a combination of authenticity and sustainability.”

When Laura and her boyfriend moved into a townhouse apartment in Helsinki a few months ago, they decided to completely renovate their new home. Step one was a completely new floor. “To me, the floor is an interior’s most important element. It is literally the foundation on which you build the rest of your décor. A beautiful floor can make even the most basic furniture look lovely. If you are satisfied with a lower quality floor, you really need to invest in striking furniture to make your interior attractive.”

Looking for the best quality

Laura and her boyfriend soon decided on laminate flooring. “We have a young child and a dog at home, and we often have friends and family over, so I was looking for an authentic look, excellent durability and low maintenance. The obvious solution was laminate flooring, but I did want the best quality. At a previous rented house, we had cheap laminate flooring, which scratched very easily. There really is a world of difference between your average laminate and high quality laminate…”

Laura was recommended Quick-Step flooring during an interior design course she took a few years ago. “I started looking into the Quick-Step range and the local dealers online. We knew in advance that we wanted the floor to be white. Our apartment does not have much natural light, so we wanted to make the most of the available light with a white floor. White is also timeless and suits all kinds of furniture.”

A natural look and exceptional durability

In the end, Laura chose Impressive White Planks by Quick-Step. “We saw them at a showroom here in Helsinki, and we completely fell in love with them. The surface has a wonderful, authentic wood grain, and the colour is pure white, yet very soft. The floor gives our apartment a very cosy atmosphere. It looks very natural, and is exceptionally colour fast and durable. When the local dealer told us that the floor was very easy and quick to install, we didn’t think twice.”

The Impressive series of laminate flooring has user class 32. It is the second strongest type of laminate flooring, which is even suitable for commercial premises with intensive use. “We can be certain that our floor will look as new for years to come, even with a small child and a dog running around the house. It is only a few weeks old now, but we have enjoyed it every single day!

Photo credits: Laura Tirkkonen (http://homevialaura.com/)