Warm and luxurious: discover the new Massimo and Majestic collection!

A new year, a new beginning. Quick-Step starts 2017 in style, with the launch of two brand new floors that will give your home a warmer look with a generous touch of glamour: Massimo Parquet and Majestic Laminate. Meet two of the most luxurious floors in our range!
For years, the minimalist Scandinavian look has been a dominant force in interior design, but warmer colours and luxurious materials are starting to make a comeback. With extra-wide, extra-long planks and an oak wood aspect, Massimo Parquet and Majestic Laminate capture this trend perfectly.


A Massimo Parquet floor is the perfect foundation for a warm, authentic interior. Its prime oak wood makes it a real eye catcher. Oak is the most popular wood type by far, and it is not hard to see why: it is timeless, exudes class and perfectly suits a wide range of interior styles. Massimo Parquet is the perfect combination of innovation and old-fashioned craftsmanship. The almost tangible wood texture and playful, natural colour transitions create a natural, calming effect.
The parquet is available in four colours. The raw, pure look of ‘Dark Chocolat Oak’ and the warm grey of ‘Winter Storm Oak’ will be right at home in any style of interior: classic, country, contemporary or even modern design ... They will immediately give every room a glamorous lift. ‘Frozen Oak’ and ‘Cappuccino Blonde’ have both been treated with an extra matt finish: perfect for a superb classic or country look.
Quick-Step Hardwood Massimo, Dark chovolate oak extr matt oiled  Quick-Step Hardwood Massimo, winter storm oak extra matt, oiled  Quick-Step Hardwood Massimo Frozen oak extra matt  Quick-Step Hardwood Massimo Cappuccino Blonde oak extra matt


Majestic Laminate offers you the best of both worlds. Thanks to its innovative production process, the floor has a very authentic, natural look and feels like real oak. At the same time, it offers excellent resistance to water and scratches and is therefore very suitable for bathrooms and kitchens.
Majestic Laminate is available in a huge range of colours that will really make this luxurious floor come into its own in different types of interior. Our favourite? The ‘Desert Oak Brushed Dark Brown’! This winning combination guarantees class, comfort and intimacy at home and combines perfectly with other dark colours!

Quick-Step Laminate Majestic desert oak brushed dark brown