The right floor for the right room

When you are looking for a new floor, one of the first requirements is that it suits your interior, but there are also a number of other things you should bear in mind. Not all floors are suitable for just any room!

The entrance hall

The entrance hall is the first thing your visitors see when they enter your home. You never get a second chance to make a first impression, right? We do not all have room for a majestic spiral staircase, but we can make an impression with a beautiful floor, no matter how small the room is. We do need to take into account that hall floors are really put to the test: visitors wearing wet boots or pointy high heels, school and sports bags being flung into a corner, wet umbrellas and coats passing through, ...

Your entrance hall therefore deserves easy-to-clean laminate or vinyl flooring using our patented Scratch Guard technology offering exceptional resistance to scratches. Some laminate floors are also available in highly durable class 33. These floors are suitable for heavy use in commercial environments, and therefore stand up to the wear and tear of an entrance hall.

Hall floors should also be water resistant. This is the case for all our vinyl floors, such as Pulse flooring with their extra long and wide planks, and for our Impressive and Majestic laminate range.

The kitchen

Another space where a hardwearing floor is an absolute must is the kitchen. A knife or glass that falls to the floor, overenthusiastic kids dropping their bowls of cereal or spilling their food, … We have all been there!

The kitchen is one of the most frequently used spaces in the home. It is a place where hygiene is extremely important. The floor should therefore withstand frequent cleaning and be water and scratch resistant. Vinyl and water resistant laminate are also smart choices for the kitchen.

The bathroom

The bathroom is probably the place where your choice of flooring is the most difficult. You want a floor that feels warm and comfortable and is resistant to everything a bathroom has to contend with. It is a space where you want to relax, and where your kids can have a bit of a splash in the bath or get into the shower to wash the mud off their feet.

Again, it is best to go for a waterproof floor that is dirt resistant and easy to clean. Vinyl is a wise choice for a bathroom, and if you want your bathroom to exude a sense of extra luxury, our waterproof Impressive and Majestic laminate is an excellent option.

The kids’ room

Another space that requires a combination of special floor properties is the kids’ room. Obviously, you want your children to play on a floor that looks and feels cosy and warm. All Quick-Step flooring – with the exception of parquet based on ash and beech – can be used with underfloor heating.
The floor of a kids room has a lot to endure: wet nappies, toy blocks and crayons spread all over the floor, cookie crumbs secretly being left behind, play fighting ... Again, scratch and water resistance and easy maintenance are important characteristics here. Children are often also very sensitive to dust. Every Quick-Step floor is covered in an anti-static surface layer, which ensures it attracts significantly less dust than other floors.

Vinyl floors are a suitable choice for all kids’ rooms: they feel soft, are water resistant and easy to maintain. A further advantage is that vinyl is so quiet, you can slip into and out of the room without waking up your sleeping baby!