The kitchen project:
a look at the new floor of blogger Amber

Amber Rose is a woman who knows what she wants — she has a fascinating and flourishing career, and an expanding shoe cabinet, and blogs about the clothes that she wears, the places that she goes and the things that she does, plus life with her partner Terry. Choosing a floor for her new kitchen was like 1, 2, 3! Or was it?

Choosing, not loosing

In her search for the right floor, a number of factors played a role in her decision. She needed to think about the rooms (she was looking for one floor to cover all the rooms on that level), the other elements in her home (like the height of the external doors), external factors (such as a partner who said a firm no to tiles) and of course herself. She was also looking for a floor that was easy to care for.

After much deliberation, Amber found the perfect match: the “ Desert Oak Light Natural” from the Majestic laminate collection!

Quick-Step Laminate Majestic Desert oak light natural

A feeling of openness thanks to vertical positioning

Then it was time for the real work to begin — installation. Thankfully, for Amber’s partner, it was not the first time doing something like this, so he knew exactly what to do. They chose not to lay the laminate horizontally, but vertically, ensuring seamless installation from room to room and providing an instantly spacious feel.
It felt like I had a new home, not just a new kitchen and floor

Quick-Step Laminate Majestic Desert oak light natural

A new floor, a new home

All of that thinking and deliberating, and the dilemmas, were not for nothing. The result was magnificent! For Amber, it was like she had a new home. And if you could see how the kitchen looked before, it wouldn’t be hard to understand. This was a successful make over thanks to a combination of Amber’s good taste, Terry’s handiwork and Quick-Step quality.
Quick-Step Laminate Majestic Desert oak light natural

Are you looking for a new floor? 

These are Amber’s tips for making the right choice:
  • Floors with a lighter colour are easier to keep clean.
  • The wider the planks, the better the floor will look.
  • Choose a floor with texture so that it keeps its clean look for longer.

Try the FloorExplorer and discover your perfect floor in just 3 steps! 

Quick-Step Laminate Majestic Desert oak light natural

Read more about Amber’s kitchen project on her blog: