The effect of colour in your interior: orange

The colour you give your interior says a great deal about you. What’s more, certain colours have a tremendous impact on the atmosphere a space conveys. Therefore, it’s a good idea to think carefully before setting to work with a certain shade of colour. Read on for our report on the effects of the principal colour associated with autumn: orange.

Warm and passionate

Orange is a wonderful colour to incorporate into your interior. It is eye-catching, warm and a source of energy. An orange interior is positive, lively and exciting. What’s more: there are numerous shades of orange, each of which has its very own character. This means that you will be able to find the perfect shade of orange for every type of room. Bright orange is extravagant, and stands for warmth and comfort. The closer a specific hue is to red, the more energy and passion it will bring into a room.

Light and romantic

Orange can make a playful statement, while exuding a serene, stylish atmosphere at the same time. A lighter shade of orange will create a softer and more tender and romantic atmosphere. A shade of orange that leans more towards a soft yellow exudes elegance and sophistication, apart from which a lighter shade of colour will of course make a room look bigger.

Orange accessories bring warmth and stylishness into a modern interior. Examples include paintings, curtains or carpets. However, a little splash of colour, provided by a throw pillow or a vase, can also create a prominent colour accent without being too expensive.

Halloween trends

When the falling leaves in the month of October paint the world outside in a palette of oranges and browns, people tend to bring the colour orange into their kitchens and living rooms. A very popular trend during this period is to decorate your home with one or more pumpkins or all sorts of other orange Halloween attributes. In our country, Halloween has been gaining in popularity year after year and the accompanying orange decorations are becoming increasingly prominent in our homes.

Matching with other colours

One of the advantages to orange is that it is easy to combine with neutral colours like beige, various shades of off-white or brown earth tones. This palette is guaranteed to bring a serene, friendly atmosphere into the home. Orange and yellow produce a bright, colourful effect, while combining orange with white or grey will give a room a lovely touch of elegance.

A very successful effect can also be created by introducing orange into a predominantly blue or green interior. Be careful, though: contrasting colours can produce a feeling of tension and aggressiveness in an interior. Combining various shades of bright orange can also create a loud, obtrusive effect. A better alternative is to match a warm, luminous shade of orange with a soft, neutral shade of another colour.

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