Jo and Karolien opt for
an ‘Impressive’ master bedroom

Jo and Karolien went for the big picture: they wanted to give their spacious attic a complete make-over. Thanks to Quick-Step interior decorating advice and the latest generation in laminate flooring, they were able to transform the space into an ‘Impressive’ master bedroom. We paid them a visit to take a look at how the renovations turned out.


From storage area to majestic bedroom

Although Jo, Karolien and their son live in the peaceful and rural village of Nevele, they are genuine energy bombs when it comes to remodelling! Wanting to make use of the tremendous potential offered by their spacious attic, they decided to transform it into a ‘master bedroom’. And, because they knew that every successful interior starts with the perfect floor, they appealed to Quick-Step for help. Based on what they had in mind, they selected a laminate floor that was perfectly suited to the look they wanted to create. The result: a bedroom to dream away in, with a beautiful combination of light and dark shades.

Impressive quality of flooring

After a visit to the Quick-Step showroom the choice was quickly made. They opted for the best looks and a matching quality with the newest generation of Quick-Step Laminate: Impressive. “In Impressive, they found everything they were looking for: an authentic look, a natural texture, ease of maintenance… and scratch- resistance, which is a convenient for when the dogs want to clamber up the stairs for a visit,” according to Karolien. And, with the help of a Levis colour advisor, the walls were also given a surprising new shade colour. 
No compromises: thanks to Quick-Step, we now have both looks and the highest possible standard of quality.

Lots of space for experimentation

Quick-Step and Dulux taught Jo and Karolien to look at the room as a whole. They quickly discovered that there were numerous possibilities for experimentation, without having to make any concessions to their own personal style. Quick-Step offers a wide choice of laminate, vinyl and hardwood flooring, each of which can lend a room a genuinely unique appeal. This applies equally to Jo and Karolien’s attic.  “We found an ideal partner to transform this place into an impressive bedroom in Quick-Step,” concludes Jo. 

Click here for a peek at Jo and Karolien’s floor: Impressive “Classic Oak Beige” >

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