How to use dark floors in your interior

Dark floors are very much in vogue. They add character and personality to your interior, and when combined in the right way, they can even make your room seem larger. However, beware: too many dark colours will have a gloomy, oppressive effect. It is therefore best to bear in mind the following tips.

Combine with the right furniture and accessories

You can achieve the most harmonious effect if you combine your dark floors with white walls and wooden furniture in lighter shades. Even dark furniture can work really well to add extra warmth, as long as you use enough lighter shades for the rest of the room, your walls and your ceiling.

Not a fan of white? Then go for cosy and personal: choose your favourite colour for the wall and with the same colour echoed in your rug. The choice of your other accessories is also important: along with leather furniture, warm carpets, copper tones and artefacts, dark floors give a sophisticated look to any type of interior. In combination with some oriental rugs, cushions and striking colours, they can also serve as a foundation for a more ethnic style.

Create extra depth

Many people think that dark floors make a room look smaller by definition. This is not always true. On the contrary, dark floors can add extra depth if you also put some thought into your ceilings and walls.

The combination of a dark floor and bright ceilings and walls will make your room look wider, for example. If you go for a darker ceiling, the room will seem wider and longer.

The most difficult combination is undoubtedly that of a dark floor, a light ceiling and dark walls. With the right accessories, this combination offers an interesting shadow effect, as all light seems to come from above. 

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