How to create the ‘Dark Night’ look

White, pastel colours and a minimalist look have dominated interiors for years now, but dark colours and luxurious materials are now taking centre stage. Interiors are becoming warmer, more cosy and upscale. So how can you create such a ‘Dark Night’ look in your own home?

Did your list of good intentions include a makeover of your interior? In that case, bear in mind that 2017 is set to be a real turning point in terms of interiors. No more light colours and sleek interior design. Here comes a cosier, more luxurious atmosphere with warm, dark colours and chic accessories.

Black is the new white

Black has already been around for decades in the fashion world. Classic examples are the little black dress for women and the black suit for men. Black is timeless, elegant and easy to combine with other colours or materials. This applies outside of fashion as well.

Of course white will always be a safe option for your interior, but it can come across as a little boring or cold even. With black and other dark colours, you can create a warm setting, and if you combine them with the right mood lighting, you have all you need for a cosy evening.

Dark colours add character to your home and exude class. Contrary to popular belief, they can even make your room seem larger. Dark shades conceal a room’s contours and so create more depth.

Combine with luxurious accessories

Besides black, other warm colours such as burgundy, dark blue, dark green and ochre are on the rise. This dark colour palette evokes an atmosphere of the glamorous parties of the roaring twenties as featured in ‘The Great Gatsby’.

To create this luxurious atmosphere, you can combine these colours with gold accessories, mirrors, glass candlesticks or chandeliers and pompous frames. These will give even the smallest space in your home the ‘Dark Night’ look.

Darker, stylish floors

Of course a really chic look starts with a luxurious floor. And what exudes more comfort and warmth than parquet flooring? The darker versions of the Quick-Step Castello parquet add character and temperament to any room. Or why not opt for the extra long and wide planks from the new oak Massimo collection?

Alternatively, you can combine the look of real oak with the practical benefits of laminate flooring with the new Majestic collection. And if you are a real daredevil, why not go for the black Burned Planks from our Impressive collection?

See our Dark Night mood board on Pinterest.

Quick-Steo Laminate Impressive Burned planks


Quick-Step Laminate Majestic Desert oak warm natural

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