Going vertical: install Quick-Step vinyl on walls

Dreaming of extending a beautiful vinyl flooring pattern onto the walls of your interior? Quick-Step, with the help of the adhesive experts at Mapei, transforms this fantasy into reality with vinyl flooring that can be applied to wall surfaces – even in showers.

The floor is one of the most important elements of a room, affecting its ambiance as much – or more than – any single wall. As the ‘5th wall’ of an interior space, many designers are choosing to harmoniously extend the aesthetics of the floor to one or more walls of an interior. This leads to greater stylistic unity and can generate a feeling of greater space.

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How to get started

Thanks to a collaboration with Mapei, you can now install waterproof, warranty-protected Quick-Step vinyl flooring on vertical services including showers. This gives you even more creative freedom in designing a space that exceeds expectations in every dimension.

Before you begin

  • First, select any of our natural stone and wood-inspired glue-down vinyl floors.
  • You will need an appropriate adhesive. We recommend our Quick-Step glue for dry areas. For areas exposed to water (eg shower cabins) we recommend Mapei Ultrabond MS.
  • Begin with a level surface for good adhesion.


  • If you are installing the vinyl flooring yourself, refer to our detailed installation instructions.
  • If you are installing the flooring on the walls of a shower, we advise using the services of a professional.
  • Quick-Step vinyl floors are not suitable for the walls of saunas or Turkish baths.

Discover all Quick-Step vinyl floors

Discover all Quick-Step vinyl floors suitable for use on walls: