Creative floors with these great laying patterns

Did you know that you can lay a floor in a number of different ways? Just play with the shapes, patterns and colours and the options are endless! So if you want an original look, love eye catchers or want to make a real impression, read on!

Perfection to the bone with the fishbone pattern

The name speaks for itself — the pattern resembles a fishbone. This characteristic style has made a real come back and adds a classic touch to a modern room. The pattern works well in virtually any room, from living rooms to bathrooms, offices to kitchens, and can be installed in all manner of sizes and shapes. 


A quick tip: if you’re planning on laying a new floor in a large room, it’s best to choose a large fishbone pattern. If your room is on the small side, a smaller fishbone pattern would be better. 

A fishbone floor is a great way to bring a bit of that classic look and feel into a modern style house. Just have a look at this beautifully balanced interior of Joyce.

The Hungarian point: a pattern that you can rely on

Did you know that this was an immensely popular pattern in the 17th century? Monarchs and sovereigns of the times, known for their bombastic baroque style, had a great love for this floor pattern and had it laid in important parts of their castles. But it’s not only a pattern for the ballroom — the Hungarian point works just as well elsewhere, giving any work or living space an immediate sense of timelessness.

With its almost mathematical pattern, the Hungarian point is the brother of the fishbone pattern, but with one major difference: on fishbone floors, the left and right sections are placed at a 90° angle to one another, while the short side is set perpendicular to the long side of the adjacent plank. On Hungarian point floors, the sections are set at 60° angles and the short sides match up

If you like the Hungarian point pattern, you’ll love our Intenso Wood collection. Find out all about this beautiful range here.

Nail your colours to the mast with a trusted plank floor

The plank floor is perhaps the most common pattern, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t create your own unique floor! Combine various materials and colours to create that element of playfulness in your interior. But always make sure to look at the room as a whole. Already have plenty of colours or patterns? Make sure to seek the right balance, otherwise it’ll look too busy.


Have you chosen a pattern but don’t know if you can use it with your choice of material? Then ask your nearest distributor for advice! 

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