A surprising floor design completes Joyce’s
renovation dream 

When Joyce and her husband purchased their home at the end of 2016, one thing was certain — they had a lot of work to do. They had a clear idea of how they wanted their dream home to look, and they set to work, knowing that replacing the floor was one of the many things that they needed to do.

The search for the perfect floor took quite some time, and Joyce and Fabian needed to take a few things into consideration. Not only did they want large, wide planks, but also a floor that was suitable for underfloor heating and that could withstand their two dogs. In terms of style, they wanted something that fit perfectly into their warm, modern, Scandinavian interior.

Comparing and trying

Joyce and Fabian visited a number of shops to compare brands. “Choosing the perfect floor was no easy task. The number of different colours and shades is huge”, Joyce explains. “We took a few examples home with us so that we could come to a decision. Ultimately, we opted for the Vinyl Balance collection, more specifically the colour ‘Driftwood Beige Oak’. It was exactly what we had been looking for in its dimensions and colour.” 

Since Joyce and Fabian were in love with the herringbone motif, they decided on the glued-down version. “Our dealer, Woontheater De Eclips, gave us a box of planks so that we could try the pattern out in our living room”, Joyce continues. “We agonised over the herringbone motif and whether or not it was a risky move. What it we grew tired of the pattern? But the result is truly fantastic. The work carried out by the fitters was great and we still love it!”

If you’d like to learn more about the floor that Joyce and Fabian chose, take a look at the Balance Glue Plus range from Quick-Step. Intrigued by the rest of Joyce’s home? Why not check out her Instagram account?


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© Photos: Joyce: https://www.instagram.com/joycewvw/

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