Picking a floor: there’s more to it than just looks

Naturally we all want a nice floor that gives our home that wow factor but sometimes the practical properties of a floor covering are at least as important. Jo and Jon Hall explain: “Because one of our boys has breathing difficulties, the doctors advised us to replace his old bedroom floor. A playful combination of designs from Quick-Step’s Impressive laminate collection proved the perfect solution.”

Jo and Jon Hall and their two extremely active children Aidan (9) and Leo (7) live in a small picturesque village in Kent, England. “Aidan has health issues”, says Jo. “During a doctor’s visit we happened to mention the outdated and worn floor in his bedroom. The doctor immediately linked that floor to Aidan’s breathing difficulties. He advised us to install a new floor that was easy to clean as well as wear-resistant.”

Search for inspiration

The new floor had to prevent dust, dirt and other allergens from building up and leading to breathing difficulties. Jo adds: “It also had to be sturdy because Aidan gets pretty wild when he’s playing. We leafed through dozens of magazines on interior decoration in search of inspiration. Time and again, the Quick-Step floors caught our eye.”

“We checked the Quick-Step website and the Impressive collection was our favourite. It’s the first laminate floor to be fully waterproof. Add in the extremely scratch-resistant surface and the antistatic coating (allowing for the fast and easy removal of dust and dirt) and it’s not hard to see why this is the ideal floor for Aidan’s room.”

Playful design

Jo continues: “We’d seen a lovely floor design in a magazine. We had our doubts at first because it was out of the ordinary but the playfulness of the design ultimately convinced us. Our local Quick-Step dealer did a great job in helping us compile our dream design. He showed us that all planks are the same length, width and thickness, giving us total freedom in combining different designs.” The result was a striped pattern created by a combination of several designs in various colours: Concrete Wood, Soft Oak Light, Soft Oak Medium, Saw Cut Oak Beige and White Planks.

Practical and aesthetically pleasing

Jo: “The result is simply amazing. Aidan’s bedroom floor now has a very refined, adult feel but at the same time it is the perfect floor to play on. Aidan comes up with creative ways to play with his cars by pretending the stripes are a race circuit.” She concludes: “And the new floor has had a very positive impact on his health. In fact, we were so thrilled that we’ve put down the same floor in his brother Leo’s room as well. After all, both our children deserve such a wonderful gift!”

Kids room with laminate floor - Quick-Step Impressive

Nursery with laminate flooring

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