Step inside Iljo and An-Sofie’s renovated family home

Professional cyclist Iljo Keisse and his wife An-Sofie Zenner chose parquet flooring by Quick-Step when they renovated their house. ‘We wanted a look that not only gives a warm, natural impression, but feels that way too,’ says An-Sofie. Sustainability also played an important role in their choice.

Iljo Keisse rides for Etixx – Quick-Step; An-Sofie works as a psychologist at a rehabilitation centre. In 2010, they bought a house in Destelbergen. When they recently renovated, they had a clear preference for Quick-Step floors: floors that match their interior and lifestyle perfectly and can also stand up to heavy use. The latter is especially important when you've got two little growing boys at home, their sons Jules and René.

From concept to concrete choices

‘We had been planning to remodel for a while,’ says Iljo. With that in mind, he dropped by the Quick-Step showroom. ‘The press conferences for our cycling team are often held there. But it's not just because I ride on the Quick-Step team that I automatically have to choose their products.’ Above all, Iljo and An-Sofie were looking for quality and authenticity. It was important to them that, whatever flooring they picked, it would last for a long time.

Sustainability was also an important factor. And on that point as well, they were won over by Quick-Step. Unlike solid oak flooring, Quick-Step floors are made up of different layers: the top layer is real oak, but the other layers are made from faster-growing types of wood.

The couple soon found what they were looking for. ‘We made up our minds in no time,’ An-Sofie recalls. ‘We didn't even want to bother looking at other companies or catalogues.’

Discover the Palazzo collection

‘We were looking for flooring that would inspire a feeling of warmth’

Iljo and An-Sofie were drawn to the Palazzo series. What was it exactly that appealed to them? ‘We wanted long, wide oak boards. That gives a refined impression,’ explained An-Sofie. ‘And the colours were just right as well,’ Iljo added. ‘We went for a light colour that would make our living room and bedrooms seem bigger.’

‘With Quick-Step, we can bring the charm of real wood into our home. And it's all about the details: the special brushing and the extra matte varnish create the look of untreated wood. When you get up in the morning or at night, you feel the wood grain under your bare feet. I really like that. Natural authenticity, pure and simple!’

Discover the Palazzo collection

Floors that can take a beating

With two small children at home, there's never a dull moment. For An-Sofie and Iljo, ease of care certainly played a role in their choice: ‘This floor is easy to keep clean,’ notes An-Sofie. ‘That's a necessity, because we all know what kind of messes kids can make,’ laughs Iljo.

The young parents don't need to worry about scratches from toys or scraping chairs, as Quick-Step floors are very easy to maintain. The finishing with extra matte varnish means you get the easy care and the protection of a scratch- and stain-resistant varnish combined with the natural look of an untreated hardwood floor.

Quick-Step Hardwood flooring Palazzo, Nursery bedroom

Installation in just a few clicks

Iljo and An-Sofie left the installation of the floor to the Quick-Step Master Installer. Everything went beautifully. ‘The installers know their craft through and through, so it's a real pleasure working with them,’ reported Iljo. ‘Everything was taken care of down to the smallest detail.’

An-Sofie agrees: ‘We didn't have to move any furniture ourselves. It was as if we could have just left the house and, when we came back, the new floor would be there and our furniture put back into place.’

Installing this type of floor goes quickly thanks to the simple dropdown Uniclic Multifit click system from Quick-Step. What's more, after installation, the floors do not need any extra treatment. The varnish or oil is applied during production. Once the Quick-Step Parquet floor is installed, you’ll be able to enjoy it for years and years.

Something for everyone

Would they recommend Quick-Step, and specifically the Palazzo flooring, to friends? ‘Definitely,’ enthuses An-Sofie. ‘Beautiful floors, easy installation, impeccable finishing… It couldn't have been better!’ And Iljo is just as positive: ‘Tastes may differ, but there’s such a wide range, you’re bound to find what you're looking for.’