How to enjoy staying at home for longer

Many of us live longer and stay healthy longer. This means that more and more people stay in their own home for much longer. This is obviously a positive development, but it is best to think about the adjustments your home will need ahead of time. As you get older, your living requirements and capabilities will change, so here are some useful tips.

Move the bedroom to the ground floor

The older we get, the harder it will become to do stairs. Homes with everything on the ground floor are perfect for older residents. If your home has several floors, it is wise to consider how the rooms could be reorganised well in advance. All rooms that are used most often should preferably be downstairs. 

In most cases, this means moving the bedroom – and even the bathroom if possible – downstairs. If you still use the stairs on a regular basis, make sure you can rely on sturdy handrails for support. You may even decide to have a stair lift installed later in life. So should the upstairs rooms be left alone then? Of course not. You could create a spare bedroom or a playroom for your grandchildren. Or perhaps you prefer an office or storage room? Or why not create that own personal library you always wanted?

Create a safe, open living space

An unfortunate fall is the most common cause of injury in old age. It is important to start fall proofing your home well in advance. Level floors with as few obstacles as possible are absolutely crucial. There should be as few split levels and thresholds as possible. Have a recessed welcome mat fitted in the entrance hall floor and do not invest in any low furniture. Consider using non-slip materials in the bathroom and having a walk-in shower installed.

If walking becomes more difficult for you in the future and you need a walker, walking frame or wheelchair, your home must be easy for you to get around in. If you consider renovating your home, go for an open-plan living and dining area that offers ample space. Have as many dividing walls removed as possible and have the doors widened. This will allow more light into your home and create a feeling of space in the section of your home you use most later in life. For this type of renovations, one type of flooring to suit all your needs is often best. 

Go for comfort, luxury and convenience

Getting older is a blessing, not a curse. You get more time for yourself and your children become more and more financially independent. Enjoy investing in your home. Choose low-maintenance materials that exude luxury. Many older homes still have carpets. Carpet obviously feels nice and warm, but it does accumulate a lot of dust and is not that easy to clean. Carpet is also not always convenient for wheelchair or walker users.

Quick-Step laminate and parquet floors are antistatic and therefore attract less dust than other floors. They are easy to clean and require little maintenance. They are also suitable for your kitchen and bathroom and can be combined with under floor heating. And because they are scratch resistant, you will have absolutely nothing to worry about when the grandchildren come and visit!

How to enjoy staying at home for longer