How to create a royal interior

We all want our home to exude a sense of luxury, but at times this may seem difficult and expensive to achieve. However, by making a few simple changes to your home, you can lift your spaces to a higher level in no time at all. If you want to give your home a generous, new appearance, the floor, your home’s basic layer, is the best place to start. How can you make the right choice and what do you do next?

Belle Époque palaces, majestic mansions and art deco town houses are all beautiful buildings with magnificent interiors. No wonder we still want to use those styles in our own interiors today. And we can, even without major renovations. If you bear in mind the following tips, you can make each home radiate luxury.


The floor is the foundation of a home’s interior. It is your starting point when redecorating a room. Forget all the lavish accessories that will finish the room for a moment, and focus on getting off to a perfect start. The best tip to bear in mind here is to go for quality. If your floor exudes luxury and quality, the rest of your interior will follow easily. Oak floorboards are considered the very best in flooring. They bring authenticity and sheer luxury to a home. You can go for extra wide, long boards for robust class. It is the perfect way to combine effortless elegance with a somewhat bolder look.


Laminate and vinyl flooring are not inferior to the more traditional parquet. They offer numerous practical advantages: they are durable, scratch and water resistant, and have an incredibly real and warm look and feel. Besides splendour and opulence, these floors add real comfort to your home. And let’s be honest: isn’t that the kind of luxury 2.0 we all want in the year 2017?


The clean, cool white look has been very popular in recent years, but now we find that darker colours have just as much to offer. Don’t be afraid to opt for dramatic shades such as burgundy, ochre, dark blue and even black. Dark hues on your walls will match almost everything in the home and a darker floor will give a space a rather mysterious, majestic aura. It is time to leave the lighter floorboards behind us and go for a darker brown colour that exudes warmth this year. 

Quick-Step Laminate Majestic, Desert oak brushed dark brown, Dining room


Eye-catching details, decorations and accessories will do the trick. Be inspired by the majestic Great Gatsby parties of the 1920s. Think glass chandeliers, ceiling-high curtains in luxurious fabrics such as velvet, wide and even colourful Eastern-inspired carpets, marble details and subtle finishes in gold and silver. Look for sofas with S-shaped legs, elegant side tables and glossy furniture in exotic hardwoods. Luxury does not have to be present everywhere, just a few details in exceptional materials will do. They will look fabulous on your noble flooring!

Quick-Step Laminate largo, Cambridge oak dark, living room


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