Late summer has now long gone. The days are getting shorter, and above all colder. You have probably taken out your winter clothes already, but how can you keep your home nice and warm inside without turning up the heat by several degrees? Here are five useful tips.

Draught-proof your home

A warm home has no greater enemy than cold air. Try to close as many gaps near windows and doors as possible. If you are not a fan of the old sausage dog draught excluder, you can always opt for rubber door seals. These are usually easy to install and do not leave marks on your floor. Curtains are also extremely effective to stop the cold, but do leave them open during the day to allow the autumn sun to enter and heat the room.

Cook (and eat)!

Autumn is the perfect season for making casseroles and oven dishes. The delicious aromas will make your home feel nice and warm. Casseroles and oven dishes are also rich in calories and will therefore heat up your body quickly. Leaving the oven door open after cooking will also increase the temperature in your kitchen or dining area. If you spill something on the floor while cooking, don’t worry: immediately wipe clean any moisture and you can usually get rid of any stains with a dry cloth.

See our Pinterest board for kitchen inspiration.

Hug yourself warm

As strange as it may sound: on a cold evening it is often wise to peel off some layers of clothing and snuggle up on the sofa with your spouse, kids or even a pet. Nothing gives off as much natural heat as another body. Add a soft blanket for maximum snugness.

Moving your body is hot

If there is no other body around, get warm by moving your own body: dance, dig out your yoga mat or get on your exercise bike. With our durable, scratch resistant Quick-Step flooring, you can work out as much as you like in winter without any worries. And your kids can horse around as much as they like without anyone worrying about the floor.

Get cosy

Above all, heat is a feeling. Making your interior nice and cosy will automatically make you feel warmer. You can use candles, rugs and cushions, but colour accents can have a great impact as well. Red, yellow, orange or maroon accents will immediately make your room feel warmer.

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