Laminate floor underlays

Choosing the right underlay is essential for the final look, quality and comfort of your new laminate floor. Find out which underlay is the best choice for your project: a noise-reducing underlay, an underlay for rooms with frequent traffic or one for irregular subfloors.

Underlays recommended for you

QSUDLSW7 Laminate Accessories Silent Walk QSUDLSW7
Silent Walk
10.49 £/m²
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7 m²
The ideal underlay to reduce the reflected noise caused by walking on the floor, and therefore a good choice for the ground floor. Also the best suitable underlay for underfloor heating and –cooling (2mm). Use this underlay in combination with tape: NETAPE50.’
QSUDLTL9 Laminate Accessories Thermolevel QSUDLTL9
8.49 £/m²
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9 m²
The perfect choice for installation on top of an existing tiled floor or a very uneven floor. Also provides extra insulation (5mm).
QSUDLDRUCO15 Laminate Accessories Unisound QSUDLDRUCO15
6.99 £/m²
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15 m²
Ideal for places with frequent traffic, for instance a living room (2mm)..
QSUDLTRS15 Laminate Accessories Transitsound QSUDLTRS15
6.99 £/m²
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15 m²
Ideal to reduce the noise heard by the neighbours, and therefore the perfect choice for an upper floor or apartment (2mm).
QSUDLBP15 Laminate Accessories Basic Plus 15 M2 QSUDLBP15
Basic Plus 15 M2
3.49 £/m²
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15 m²
A good and economical basis for places with less traffic, for instance a bedroom or attic.
NETAPE Laminate Accessories Self-adhesive Tape NETAPE50
Self-adhesive Tape
9.99 £/piece
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50 m
Attach your underlay for a moisture-proof underlay installation.

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