What is the maximum floor length I can install without expansion joint?

The maximum floor length you can install without expansion joint mainly depends on two things:

  • the shape of the room in which the floor will be laid 
  • the climate conditions in that room

If the room is more or less square and if there aren’t too many indoor climate changes between weekdays and the weekend or during the day, then you can lay up to 13 running metres without extra expansion joints in the floor surface. The expansion joint along the walls depends on the total length of the floor. For lengths of 13 metres you should foresee an expansion joint of 13 to 20 mm.

It is also recommended to foresee expansion joints under the doors between rooms to separate the rooms. If the floor is laid with a length of more than 13 running metres, from one room to another - across a corridor for example - then this could lead to tension and possible distortion (upward warping) of the floor. This might occur when one room is heated and the other is not or when there is for example a piece of heavy furniture in one of the rooms. We therefore recommend separating some of the rooms from the rest by creating expansion joints under the doors between rooms.

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