Do I really need expansion joints between every room?

Quick-Step Laminate floors expand and contract in function of changing relative humidity conditions in the room. The HDF core board is isotropic and works, equal in both length and width. This means it is extremely important to have expansion joints of 8 to 10 mm along all walls, around radiator pipes, etc.

It is also recommended to foresee expansion joints under the doors between rooms to separate them. If the floor is laid with a length of more than 13 running metres, from one room to another - across a corridor for example - then this could lead to tension and possible distortion (upward warping) of the floor. This might occur when one room is heated and the other is not or when there is for example a piece of heavy furniture in one of the rooms. We therefore recommend separating some of the rooms from the rest by creating expansion joints under the doors between rooms.

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