Why you'll love walnut flooring

Why you'll love walnut wood flooring

Want to add an exotic touch to your interior? Then why not consider walnut flooring? Renowned for its incredible strength and stability, this luxurious wood type exudes a unique warmth that grabs attention in any interior. And while nothing beats a real walnut hardwood floor, laminate floors with a walnut appearance are a attractive, high-quality, budget-friendly alternative. Quick-Step walnut flooring is available in various colour variations: from warm chocolate brown to more intense reddish tones.

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Why you'll love walnut flooring...

Quick-Step walnut flooring, unique warm character

Unique warm character

Walnut flooring exudes warmth and luxury. Its traditional appearance makes it best suited for classically styled homes, but with the right furnishings and fixtures it can be an eye catcher in contemporary spaces as well. 

Quick-Step walnut wood, laminate and vinyl flooring, high durability

High durability

Walnut hardwood is renowned for its strength and stability. At Quick-Step, we add a layer of high-quality lacquer or oil to ensure maximum protection and minimum maintenance. Want even less hassle? Our laminate floors with a natural walnut appearance are equipped with Scratch Guard™ technology, making them even more maintenance-friendly and wear-resistant.

Quick-Step walnut flooring,  easy installation

Easy installation

Installing your new walnut floor shouldn’t be a chore. In fact, thanks to the renowned and patented Uniclic and Uniclic Multifit systems, you wont need any nails or glue during installation. Instead, the floor planks can be laid quickly with a single ‘click’ each.

Quick-Step walnut flooring, a smart investment

A smart investment

Walnut hardwood flooring is extremely durable, making it a safe and smart investment. Still not convinced? Then know that Quick-Step offers 25 years of warranty on most laminate, and lifetime on wood.


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Dark brown Eligna Laminate Oiled walnut EL1043
Oiled walnut
Laminate - Eligna EL1043
26.49 £/m²
Dark brown Capture Laminate Chic walnut SIG4761
Chic walnut
Laminate - Capture SIG4761
37.99 £/m²