Reclaimed wood flooring

Reclaimed wood flooring: authentic & unique

Did you know that the wood from old floors, railroad sleepers, barns and fallen trees offers virtually limitless interior possibilities? There are many reasons why reclaimed wood is all the rage right now. Because it was harvested decades ago from slow-growth, virgin timber, it has an authentic, weathered look and exceptionally tight wood grain. This makes reclaimed wood an excellent choice for your floor as well.

And that unique reclaimed look isn’t reserved for traditional wood either: there’s plenty of beautiful laminate and luxury vinyl flooring with a vintage ‘weathered’ look to choose from as well.

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Quick-Step reclaimed wood flooring, authentic, timeless character

Authentic, timeless character

With its weathered edges, cracked knots and vintage look, a reclaimed hardwood floor adds a unique panache to your interior. Every reclaimed wood floor has its own history. Dare to be different and add a touch of timelessness to your home interior.

Quick-Step reclaimed wood flooring, a green alternative

A green alternative

Opting for a floor of reclaimed wood is the green way to go: you’re reusing wood that would otherwise be wasted, so no existing trees are felled and existing forests are saved. A great example is our Variano collection, which effectively helps preserve forests and conserves limited natural resources.

Quick-Step reclaimed wood flooring, a design for every interior

A design for every interior

Recycled and reused floors are available in a variety of colours and finishes to complement different interior styles. Looking for an original, reclaimed effect with a softer and more romantic touch? Have a look at our laminate and vinyl floors with weathered, rural finishes.

Quick-Step reclaimed wood flooring, a durable option

A durable option

Reclaimed hardwood floors or laminate and luxury vinyl alternatives are always a smart, worry-free option, thanks to Quick-Step’s long-term warranty (25 years on most laminate, lifetime on wood).

Quick-Step reclaimed wood flooring, easy maintenance

Easy maintenance

Wood floors are fast and easy to keep clean. All of Quick-Step’ floors are finished with high-quality oil or lacquer, so they require minimal care. Prefer something that’s even easier to maintain? Our vinyl and laminate flooring are optimally protected against scratches with our Scratch Guard™ technology.

Quick-Step reclaimed wood flooring, easy installation

Easy installation

Thanks to our world-renowned, patented Uniclic and Uniclic Multifit systems, installing your floor with a reclaimed look is truly simple. Put away your glue and nails: all it takes is a click to connect the planks together. No-mess guarantee.

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