Make a big impression with Pulse vinyl flooring

Quick-Step Pulse Vinyl Flooring. Vinyl flooring boards

Extra long & extra wide vinyl flooring

Quick-Step Pulse is a collection of extra long and extra wide planks that match up perfectly in design and structure, for the ultimate in luxury and authenticity. You won’t believe how lifelike Pulse planks can be.

True to life: get the big picture

Pulse floors set themselves apart with their genuine structures. They incorporate multiple shades and tones on every plank, for lively colour variations only previously seen in natural wood. The result? The most natural-looking luxury vinyl floors ever.

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Why you'll love Pulse vinyl flooring...

Quick-Step vinyl flooring pulse, perfectly natural look

Perfectly natural look

The extra matte finish, detailed surface structures and perfectly-matching grooves make Pulse the most natural looking vinyl floors ever designed. Soft and comfortable, they’re a joy to walk upon – even barefoot.

Quick-Step vinyl flooring pulse, stain guard

Excellent durability

'Pulse floors are a breeze to maintain, requiring only a single product. It’s all due to a top layer that is fully-sealed with Stain Guard and Scratch Guard technology, ensuring total protection.

Quick-Step vinyl flooring pulse, quiet, soft and waterproof

Quiet, soft & 100% waterproof

These are all the advantages that Pulse vinyl floors offer in an ultra-natural package. This makes them the perfect choice for bathrooms and kitchens

Quick-Step vinyl flooring pulse, quick and easy to install

Quick & easy to install

Installing a Pulse floor is faster and simpler than ever before. Equipped with the Uniclic Multifit click system, Pulse floors will be ready before you know it. Drop-down technology provides extra strength, thanks to vertical and horizontal click locking.

Discover all 'Pulse' floors >

Discover the entire 'Pulse' collection:

Choose your favourite from 20 designs ranging from classic to trendy. Each of these floors radiates unique character, thanks to the details, surface structures and varied colours on every plank.