Linoleum flooring alternatives

Linoleum flooring: have you thought of these alternatives?

Because of its many benefits, linoleum has been a popular flooring material since its debut in the 19th century. Its biggest disadvantage, though, is probably the installation. Not only does linoleum flooring require a steady hand to cut, the adhesive can turn your room into a sticky mess before you know it. Hiring a professional to do it, however, can increase the cost of your floor pretty rapidly. And while linoleum flooring can be an excellent choice in certain situations, it is often considered ‘cheap’. This also makes it less desirable when it comes to assessing property value.

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Why vinyl & laminate flooring are excellent alternatives...

If you prefer to go DIY and think linoleum might be to sterile or industrial for your plans, other resilient flooring materials, like laminate or vinyl, are worth considering. Apart from looking incredibly realistic, these flooring materials offer a range of additional benefits:

Quick-Step vinyl and laminate flooring, natural look

Natural look

Quick-Step laminate and luxury vinyl flooring comes in varied palette of colours and designs, each with their own unique and authentic appearance: from highly realistic textures to stunning structures and fascinating colour variations. This makes them an ideal match in any interior: from classic and traditional to minimalistic and contemporary.

Quick-Step vinyl and laminate flooring, easy maintenance

Easy maintenance

All of Quick-Step’s laminate and vinyl flooring products are incredibly easy to clean and maintain. Each floor is equipped with our unique Scratch Guard™ technology, which offers excellent protection against scuffs and scratches.

Quick-Step vinyl and laminate flooring, easy installation

Easy installation

Thanks to our world-renowned and patented Uniclic and Uniclic Multifit systems, installing a vinyl tile floor is much easier than installing a stone tile floor. No need for glue or nails: laying a floor plank can be accomplished with a single ‘click’.

Quick-Step vinyl and laminate flooring, a durable alternative to linoleum flooring

A durable option

Quick-Step offers long-term warranty on all its flooring options, from 20 years on luxury vinyl, to 25 years on most laminate options.

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