Chevron and herringbone flooring: intensity from every angle

Chevron flooring: intensity from every angle

Originally patterns found in antique, classic decor, chevron wood floor motifs are making a big comeback worldwide. Why? Because they add an original element and sense of dynamism to any space – trendy or traditional. Attractive oblique angles draw the eye and the attention, for interesting counterpoints between the floor and the other aesthetic aspects of a room.

Chevron wood floors?

Chevron wood floor patterns feature planks arranged in horizontal rows of V-shapes meeting on a straight line. As beautiful as they are, these patterns do come with some drawbacks:

  • they are typically difficult to install;
  • rectangular planks must be cut at angles to form the pattern;
  • the center point must be determined for every line;
  • there is a high risk of open joints after installation, since the tongue-and-groove system has no bias and cannot be ‘locked’ together.

However, Quick-Step has solved all of these issues with Intenso, an innovative new collection of wood floors that combines the dynamic chevron pattern with easy installation and every benefit of a Quick-Step wood floor.


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Why Intenso chevron wood flooring is the ideal choice

In addition to its lively appearance, Quick-Step chevron wood flooring combines a wide range of advantages that are sure to win you over, including:

Chevron flooring, easy installation

Simple installation

The Intenso range captures the chevron pattern in the form of large planks, simplifying the installation process. The installation base is the same as those of laminate or parquet floors, with the many elements of the chevron structure already pre-assembled.

fast way to install herringbone floor

Time and money saved 

Install an Intenso chevron wood floor in a jiffy, with minimal hassleFloating or glued installationsare supported by our patented Uniclic click system, enabling you to install the floor yourself in the format of your choice.

Durable chevron wood floor

Unparalleled durability 

Quick-Step’s technologically advanced oil finishes render your floor highly resistant to wear, stains and scratches

design wood chevron or herringbone flooring

4 authentic designs 

Intenso chevron wood floors are hand-sanded and come in 4 beautiful shades of oak as well as a range of widths and finishes, from glossy to matte. Each board features its own unique and subtle characteristics, for a detailed and reclaimed look. 

Watch the video

See for yourself how quick and easy is it to install an "Intenso" chevron floor in a side-by-side comparison with a classic chevron installation.


Discover all 'Intenso' floors


Discover all 'Intenso' floors

Dark brown Intenso Hardwood Traditional oak oiled INT3902
Traditional oak oiled
Hardwood - Intenso INT3902
65.99 £/m²
Dark grey Intenso Hardwood Eclipse oak oiled INT3903
Eclipse oak oiled
Hardwood - Intenso INT3903
65.99 £/m²