Ethnic, c'est chique: 3 tips for an ethnically inspired interior

The world of design and interiors is currently very focused on exotic influences, foreign cultures and natural materials and patterns. Ethnic is totally in. But how should these colourful and dynamic influences be integrated in your interior? Begin by gathering up your unique holiday souvenirs and heirlooms, and follow these three tips!

Tips for an ethnically inspired interior

The ethnic trend is tremendously colourful and creative. It is not a problem, in fact it’s just fine, to combine a variety of elements, such as an old Chinese vase with natural or exotic materials like bamboo, wood or leather. The aim is to create a warm and dreamy atmosphere, without any unnecessary glitter & glamour.

Tip 1: combine in colour!

Go in search of the perfect mix between cultures. Influences from Morocco, Thailand and Bolivia blend beautifully, without any risk of going over the top. Choose a number of elements to make your house unique. With just a few well-chosen, colourful and decorative items you can extend the look across your entire home. This creates a lovely contrast with black as a base.

Tip 2: wood from all over the world

Natural materials are fundamental in the ethnic trend. A knitted pouf or a leather beanbag are a fun way to create the right feeling. It goes without saying of course that wood is an absolute must-have. Choose a magnificent wooden floor, decorative wooden items and other original elements made of wood with a natural and rough appearance.

The fired planks in the Quick-Step Impressive collection are a perfect fit. This laminate floor has a unique and realistic texture and has quite literally gone through a fire. Warm tints add an exotic touch, while solid wood makes a direct link with the earth and nature.


Tip 3: wall covering

Well-chosen wallpaper gives an added feeling of luxury to your interior. Use silky or velvety fabrics for example, as accessories or integrated in wallpaper. In this way you can create an ethnic style in your home that feels authentic and warm. Bronze accessories are a perfect match!

Tips for an ethnically inspired interior

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