We Love Wood: 3 times creative with Quick-Step

Three times creative with Quick-Step

In our Quick-Step hardwood collections you're sure to find the perfect floor for your interior. But did you know that you can also process Quick-Step wood in other, more creative ways in your interior? We’ll give you a little inspiration with these 3 ideas!

The colour and style you choose will have a major impact on your interior. That’s why Quick-Step has floors in an almost endless number of colours, styles and finishings. Moreover, the hardwood floors are pretty scratch-resistant as well as being able to hold their own against impacts. Precisely these characteristics also make the planks ideal for working with them in more creative ways.

Three times creative with Quick-Step

As wall covering

Normally you work with hardwood horizontally - but why not try using it vertically sometime? Do you have a floor that can last a while longer? Then use Quick-Step as a unique wall covering, thus creating a unique interior and bringing the warm effect of wood into your home. Experiment with a full wall in wood, up to a particular height or with a pattern or figure. Make sure that you firmly fasten the planks with adhesive, screws or some other technique!

Three times creative with Quick-Step

A little island

Do you have some Quick-Step planks left over after installing your floor? Or do you simply want to work with a limited number of planks, without laying an entirely new floor? Then create a little island in wood on top of your existing flooring! The ideal delineation of a play zone for your children, or a comfortably warm base under your desk or for the TV set.

As desktop

Ready to do a little more work? Then you can also really build with hardwood. Make a frame with wood or other material, fill the surface with laminate planks and thus create a unique desktop. Mix and match different colours and planks so that your desk reflects your personality and creativity!

You´ll find more inspiration on our Pinterest board!

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