3 projects to start the year off right

A new year, a fresh start. The perfect moment for getting down to a few jobs you´ve had on your to-do list forever. We can already set a good example with 3 projects that might ring some bells for you.

Organise your office (at last)

Without anyone actually intending it, a home office can very quickly find itself transformed into an extra storage space. So start the year off right and turn your home office back into a pleasant space that´s actually suitable for working in. Make sure there’s enough daylight in the room, but also provide a lamp on or above the desk. Choose a wooden desk and a matching floor: this will give the room a warm and restful feeling. And rest assured: Quick-Step floors can handle a bit of work, so feel free to roll back and forth in your desk chair!

Organise your office

The baby’s room ready = peace of mind for her

Is there a baby on the way? 9 months might seem like a long time, but you can never have the baby´s room ready soon enough. Firstly, in this way you’re ideally prepared in case the baby arrives early, and secondly you also save the mum-to-be a certain amount of stress. A beautifully-furnished baby room is one less thing to worry about! Thanks to Quick-Step´s Uniclic and Uniclic Multifit technology, the perfect floor can be laid in a jiffy and the baby bed will quickly find its proper place!

The baby's room ready is peace of mind for her

Make-over for the kitchen

While the kitchen is unquestionably the beating heart of every home, it´s also the room that generally takes the toughest beating as well. But you don´t have to rip out everything in order to get the kitchen looking spruce again. Just add a few new details, give the doors a lick of paint, or replace the splashback. Or you can go a step further and choose a new countertop and a water-resistant new kitchen floor, which allows you to harmonise everything and unify your kitchen.

Water resistant new kitchen floor